MSE M.S. Degree Requirements

The MSE Master of Science (M.S.) degree is a 36 credit hours program. The degree is awarded upon successful completion of the required credits with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Students are expected to complete the M.S. degree in three semesters and one (1) summer session. Individual courses require a minimum of a B- for completion with success.

There are two M.S. degree option​s M.S. Thesis and M.S. non-Thesis​. The requirements for both options are sligtly different. 

Students pursuing either option are required to complete the following degree requirements to earn the M.S. degree:
  • ​Core Curriculum
  • Elective Curriculum
  • Research/Capstone Experience
  • Graduate Seminars
  • Winter Enrichment Program

Core Courses:

Number of credits hours required for both degree options (Thesis & Non-Thesis) is 12 credit hours.

This portion of the degree is designed to provide a student with the background needed to establish a solid foundation in the program area. M.S. students must select three (3) MSE Core Courses and one Applied Math (AMCS) course to fulfil the Core Course requirements. List of MSE courses.

Elective Courses:

Number of credits hours required: 
  • ​Thesis option is12 credit hours
  • Non-Thesis option is 18 credit hours
This portion of the degree is designed to allow each student to tailor his/her educational experience to meet individual research and educational objectives with the permission of the student’s academic advisor. Electives can be selected from either MSE or any other relevant program. Selecting an elective course from outside MSE requires the consent of the student’s Academic Advisor. Elective course cannot be replaced with research credits. List of MSE courses​

Research/Capstone Experience:

Number of credits hours required: 
  • Thesis option is12 credit hours
  • Non-Thesis option is 6 credit hours
The details of this portion of the degree are uniquely determined by the student with the permission of the student’s academic advisor and will involve a combination of research and other capstone experiences. A student is expected to work a minimum of 3 hours/week for each research credit he/she is registered. Read more about the research requirements for each option by clickig on the degree option below:

Graduate Seminars:

Required for both degree options (Thesis & Non-Thesis)

Graduate Seminars (MSE 398) (non-credit): All students are required to register and receive satisfactory grades for three (3) semesters of the program Graduate Seminars to meet degree requirements.

Winter Enrichment Program:

Required for both degree options (Thesis & Non-Thesis)

Students are required to satisfactory complete at least one (1) full Winter Enrichment Program (WEP).