Material Science and Engineering

The Material Science and Engineering Program is designed to equip students with fundamental and applied knowledge of materials. Its goal is to prepare them to tackle grand challenges in sustainability and alternative energy, nanotechnology and nanoelectronics, biomaterials, materials characterization, and low-power computing. The program also aims to support KAUST research centers such as the Solar, Membrane, Catalysis, Combustion, and Desalination centers. 

Students are admitted to KAUST from a wide variety of programs and backgrounds. In order to facilitate the design of an appropriate study plan for each individual student, all incoming students without M.S. degree will be required to take an assessment during orientation week. Read more ... ​ 

The Material Science and Engineering (MSE) program offers two graduate degrees:

MS Degree.JPG 
PhD Degree.JPG 

Summary of Master's and Ph.D. degree Requirements:
MSE Summary Diagrams Degree Requirements - Oct 2016.jpg