Welcome to the Material Science and Engineering Program

The Material Science and Engineering program is devoted to preparing students to tackle the major challenges facing the world challenges, especially sustainability and alternative energy. With support from KAUST’s state-of-the-art core laboratories and research centers such as the Imaging Characterization Facilities, Nanofabrication Facilities, Solar Center, and Catalysis Center, the program aims to equip students with fundamental and applied knowledge in four areas: nanomaterial design & synthesis, energy conversion materials and devices, advanced characterization techniques, and computational material science.

Following the spirit of KAUST, research at MSE is performed in a collaborative, interdisciplinary and application-oriented environment that will efficiently address the actual need of the human society.

The program is currently composed of 14 faculty members, addressing various domains in material science and engineering,

As an independent and merit-based institution and one of the World's best endowed universities, KAUST intends to become a major new contributor to the global network of collaborative research. KAUST has already formed partnerships with some 27 other universities, including Stanford, Cornell, Harvard and Caltech in the US and Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College in the UK. Students and Faculty work with, and have access to, partners from both the Academic Excellence Alliance and the Global Research Partnership on special research projects

Why choose MSE at KAUST?

Why choose KAUST?
  • Students and faculty are involved in high-impact research areas of global significance.
  • Research Centers provide an environment for targeted, goal-oriented research programs.
  • The world-class faculty works with University leadership to support the institution's talented international students and researchers.
  • The lack of departmental/disciplinary barriers encourages students and faculty to carry out interdisciplinary research.
  • KAUST supports extraordinary state-of-the-art core facilities.
  • Stable guaranteed funding ensures the continuity of programming and the highest quality research and teaching.
  • Extensive collaborations with industrial partners potentially lead to internships and eventually to job opportunities for graduates.
  • The beautiful and quiet residential campus favors dedicated research and study.
  • The diverse and international faculty, staff and student body create a unique multicultural experience.

Why do a Ph.D. in Material Science and Engineering at KAUST?

  • World-class faculty.
  • Outstanding laboratories and educational facilities.
  • Global academic research and industrial partnerships.
  • All students are supported by Scholarships/Fellowships.
  • Applied and interdisciplinary program that offers better employment potential​​